Known and Recorded History

This is in know way a detailed account of everything, it is just a overview of known history

Seven thousand years ago the Age of Prosperity occurs, the old kingdoms flourish. However it would only last one thousand years.

Six thousand years ago the collapse of the Old Kingdoms starts, also known as the Wolf Age or Age of Wolves, named so because man preyed upon eachother and the packs of wolves that hunted those who stayed out at night for too long. Discord sets in and disease runs rife, the collapse takes two thousand years

Four thousand years ago the Age of Fire begins, war and death everywhere, total governmental and technological collapse. Humanity survives as tribal warriors who hunt and slaughter eachother, in the final two hundred years or so of the Fire Age, humans move back into the old castles and cities that litter their lands

One Thousand years ago the Current Age begins, know as the Phoenix Age. The Age of Fire lasted three thousand years and now humanity is slowly crawling back to its former glory

Known and Recorded History

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