Vilus M'Ragh

A minor noble of note in the Tevinter Empire


A older man who has fought in many wars and conflicts in service of his king. He has black hair that is starting to grey, he is 5’10" and prefers to wear red or greys in his clothing. Very little jewelry other than his signet ring. In battle he wields a flail and shield and rides one of his finely bred Light Warhorses. He is quite a challenge in combat, especially if he is in his masterworked Field Plate


Vilus is notable because of his many mines in his lands, providing precious coal, oil and iron. He also breeds the finest light warhorses in the nations. A M’Raghren Light Warhorse is a fine mount and is a sign of prestige to own. Lord M’Ragh’s lands are small though and dont allow for much growth. This makes it incredibly difficult for him to become anything else other than a minor lord. M’Ragh considers horse riding a art form and a accomplished horseman or jouster has earned M’Raghs respect

Vilus M'Ragh

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