Valorie Tellicien

Lady Valorie Tellicien, head of the major house of Tevinter


Str 2
con 2
dex 4
int 5
wil 3
per 2

height: 5’10"
weight: 55kgs
eyes: ice blue
hair: ash Blonde
skin: pale
age: 40


Valore Tellicien was born 40 years ago in Tellicien valley and has grown to be the valley’s just and noble ruler. under her guidance the lands of the Telliciens have spread out from the mouth of the valley and the house has become a force to be reckoned with. The soil of the valley is highly fertile and is the only place in the known world that grows blood fruit, she also possesses platinum iron and coal mines as well as a lake and herds of deer to feed her people. She has four children, the youngest, Dulcibella still lives with her whilst her twin sons, Karl and Kurtis, are hedge knights. Her eldest daughter Milaena is married to a Vir Nobleman.

Valorie Tellicien

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