Sir Aemon Vain

"The Sword is Strong, the Body is Stronger"


The Knight Commander stands in at 6’2 and he weighs 104kg mostly due to muscle. He has large light blue eyes and short messy black hair. His incredibly minor noble families words are “The Sword is Strong, the Body is Stronger”. His family believes and focuses on unarmed combat and training the body to reach its absolute peaks.

His body has reached near inhumane levels of durability and endurance, with strength to match, though he had always wished and dreamed to become a knight, which was against the family tradition. He dedicated his time as a squire to furthering his skills with a sword and shield and for that he was shunned by his family and eventually cast out of his home. Fortunately, his knight was kind and caring and he provided a place for him and bought his gear until he was knighted by Valorie Tellicien, who he swore to serve until the death of either of them. He holds this oath close to him and words like ‘heresy’ and ‘betrayal’ never cross his mind.

He is an honorable and merciful knight, but if anybody wrongs his lady, his knights or his squire directly, he will not flinch when the time comes to end lives.


Sir Aemon Vain

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