Lord Amon Khajiit

I Whisper, for those who scream into war die.


Str: 5
Dex: 6
Con: 2

Int: 5
Per: 5
Wil: 2

Smoking (Tabac Pipe)
Delusions of Grandeur
Secret 3
Phobia 2 (Deep Sea)

Fast Reaction Time
Multiple Identities
Resources 3
Status 1
Situational Awareness
Charisma 1
Elf (Acute sight & Attractiveness 1)

Bureaucracy 2
Disguise 2
Dodge 5
Escapism 2
Haggling 2
Hand weapon:
Rapier 5 (with one specialty)
Bow 4 (with one specialty)
Stealth 5
Science (chemistry) 4
Specialty (poison) 1
Specialty (Drugs) 1
Notice 3
Pick Pocket 2
Dash 2
Marathon 2
Smooth talking 3
Swimming 1
Streetwise 4
Throwing (sphere) 1


Born into a noble family renowned for dodgy dealings and shadow lurking, Amon was trained in the way of assassianation and the khajiit way of business. Forever the centre of controversy, the house has been accused of: drug trafficking, assassination, kidnap, slave trading, theft, occational treason and political plotting but were never formally convicted due to a lack of evidence a few contacts and the occational misplaced bag of gold. Despite this House Khajiit is still formaly respected as a house due to the services they can provide that no one else will.

Amon himself is oddly light hearted for one of the Khajiit who are often known to be cold, cynical and cruel. he has a soft spot for the poor and on occation is know to donate heftily to charities such as orphanges and lowly churches. He is also an expert swordman and trader, with his own small town. As is to be suspectedhe is often accused of drug dealing andthe like, but nothing ever sticks.

Controvery aside, Amon is simply a lovely ffellow with a bad reputation and family history.

Still best not to cross a Khajiit though.

They say they work for death himself.
Others say they can kill with one blow.
One legend say they sell their souls to shadow as children.

Lord Amon Khajiit

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